Current trends in capacity planning and oversubscription

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Wed Nov 10 12:22:04 CST 2010

On Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 10:31 AM, Steve Meuse <smeuse at> wrote:
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>> Actually...I'm not sure anywhere has that high of a ratio here in the
>> states, at least for wired connectivity.
> I would say that's highly dependent on your geographical location. In Montana I could see that as being true, but not in NYC, for example...

It might be more dependent upon the level of competition int he
bandwidth market.  Here in the mountain west (MT included) you either
pay the ILEC their exorbitant fees for your last mile, or, you pay to
trench.  Only a couple years ago Qwest was quoting $8k+/mo for a DS3,
and this was where their Cisco ONS 15454 was in the same room.  I
don't even want to know how much they'd charge you if you had to pay
any real line mileage.  Luckily int hat particular building there
were/are other options, but almost any other place, you don't (that
building has a lot of antennae on top, a couple placed by myself)

> -Steve

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