RINA - scott whaps at the nanog hornets nest :-)

Jeff Kell jeff-kell at utc.edu
Sun Nov 7 10:02:08 CST 2010

On 11/7/2010 3:45 AM, Will Hargrave wrote:
> I used to run a large academic network; there was a vanishingly small incidence of edge ports supporting >1500byte MTU. 

I run a moderately sized academic network, and know some details of our
"other" campus infrastructure (some larger, some smaller).  We have two
chassis that could do L3 >1500, perhaps 10 with some upgrades.  And
perhaps a quarter of our switches could do L2 >1500 (we have a lot of
older cheap gear at the access layer).

The only "demand" for >1500 is iSCSI or FCoE, I can see a "need" for
backup traffic off the server farms >1500.  We have >1500 enabled in
those areas but it's rather localized and not on the consumer side of
the network.  There's also the computing clusters in the mix, but again
that is localized.

There are enough headaches getting the marginal 1500s over the various
encapsulations, tagging, tunneling, VPNs, etc.

I would have to agree on the small edge population even capable of >1500.


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