RINA - scott whaps at the nanog hornets nest :-)

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Sat Nov 6 02:00:12 CDT 2010

Subject: RINA - scott whaps at the nanog hornets nest :-) Date: Fri, Nov 05, 2010 at 03:32:30PM -0700 Quoting Scott Weeks (surfer at mauigateway.com):
> It's really quiet in here.  So, for some Friday fun let me whap at the hornets nest and see what happens...  >;-)
> http://www.ionary.com/PSOC-MovingBeyondTCP.pdf

This tired bumblebee concludes that another instance of "Two bypassed
computer scientists who are angry that ISO OSI didn't catch on gripe
about this, and call IP esp. IPv6, names in effort to taint it." isn't
enough to warrant anything but a yawn.

More troubling might be http://www.iec62379.org/ and what they (I think
they are ATM advocates of the most bellheaded form) are trying to push
into ISO standard. Including gems like "Research during the decade
leading up to 2010 shows that the connectionless packet switching
paradigm that is inherent in Internet Protocol is unsuitable for an
increasing proportion of the traffic on the Internet. " Sic!

Now that is something to bite into. 
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