BGP support on ASA5585-X

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They could make it out of the box but this is why Dylan made his statement. The platform simply doesn't perform well enough enough to support all of that functionality on the current ASA models. I know first-hand from much of our testing the ASA's rarely meet the box specs for PPS/throughput simply serving the purpose as a static firewall. They would have to dramatically improve the system performance prior to adding any additional CPU / timing dependent features.

IMHO you would see better performance out of BSD. I won't open that can o' worms but the ROI for the ASA line is quite out of balance. 

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i couldn't disagree with this statement more than I do.

they could make a box do it all if they wanted to,  but it does not make business sense.

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> IMHO, I don't think this is a marketing issue for cisco. It's a design issue. PIX/ASA is good at some things, and bad at others. They have never been good as routers. You have to remember, EIGRP didn't even come to the security line until 8.0 code and they still do not support traffic shaping. These services use memory and cpu resources which can dramatically reduce your ability to get through very long access lists. I am not positive on the ASAs, but I seem to remember that the routing features on the PIX was all done in software. If that is still true today, I can't imagine you could effectively perform stateful inspection, access lists, maybe VPN services, and BGP for a 100Mb+ internet connection on even a 5585. They just aren't that powerful.
> Dylan Ebner
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> Hi:
> At this moment we know that ASA5585-X does not support BGP.
> Does anybody know if BGP support in the ASA5585-X is in roadmap?
> More precisely... MP-BGP support in the ASA5585-X?
> Any "oficial" link in the Cisco website about this? (I did't find it)
> Thanks a lot and best regards


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