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Thu Nov 4 11:38:20 CDT 2010

On 11/4/10 9:09 AM, Gary Baribault wrote:
> I sure am glad to see that I'm not the only crazy/dinosaur lurking on
> this list! It really gives me hope for the future!
> Of course to do this job right, a good memory help, and being crazy is
> nearly a prerequisite to last!:-)

I know several people locally who still do legacy setups, and they make 
pretty decent money, given the fact that many of the people who have 
intimate knowledge of the mainframe era and such are long gone.

One of my former customers used to use 10Base2 in their factory to do an 
ethernet link across the production floor that couldn't be done cheaply 
with fiber and that regular ethernet would have interference problems.

Me, I've got PhoneNet and LocalTalk wiring for when I do work on my 
classic Macs.  My cute little SE/30 can route MacIP at a blistering 
230kbps for these older systems.  I've also got these really nice SCSI 
to Ethernet adapters which comes in handy when all else fails.  :)

As for legacy technology, I've got a Cisco 7507 loaded to the gills with 
every type of interface card we could get (never know when you might 
need a channelized T3 for something), a 6009 loaded with 10/100 
interfaces, 7204 (in use) for routing T1s, a 1600 series routing another 
T1, a 1000 sitting on the shelf as a spare for the 1600...  Oh, and then 
there's the Netopia R9100s and R5300s back from the late 90s/early 2000s...

There's always a place for old technology, esp. when newer technology 
falls flat on its face so often.  :-)

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