Lamar Owen lowen at pari.edu
Wed Nov 3 15:10:19 CDT 2010

On Tuesday, November 02, 2010 02:21:14 pm Sven Olaf Kamphuis wrote:
> getting rid of bind has various other advantages, such as no longer 
> needing tcp to transfer "zone files" (Retarded concept to say the least) 
> so there are no more "tcp issues" related to anycasting your authorative 
> dns servers, as you can simply have them talk to your central database 
> over their bgp session ip, which isn't anycasted, no more port 53/tcp 
> therefore! yay, good riddance!

Performing zone transfers is not the only reason for 53/tcp; it can also be needed for long (>512 byte) query responses.  Thanks to the one-two punch of DNSSEC and IPv6, the probability of a DNS reponse needing TCP on port 53 is much greater now.

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