Failover IPv6 with multiple PA prefixes (Was: IPv6 fc00::/7 - Unique local addresses)

Sven Olaf Kamphuis sven at
Tue Nov 2 23:14:51 CDT 2010

> I've had a recent experience of this. Some IPv6 CPE I was
> testing had a fault where it dropped out and recovered every 2 minutes
> - a transient network fault. I was watching a youtube video over IPv6.
> Because of the amount of video buffering that took place, and because
> the same IPv6 prefixes were assigned to the connection once it
> recovered, the youtube video kept playing. That was a great end-user
> experience and it was somewhat addictive to watch the PPP light
> go off and come back on while the video kept playing faultlessly.

thats primarily due to "partial http downloads" aka http status 206 rather 
than 202 where you can just specify at which offset in the file you want 
the httpd to start reading the file to you, most flash movie players, 
however, don't support this. connection lost = movie has to be fully 

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