Curtis Maurand cmaurand at xyonet.com
Tue Nov 2 14:21:08 CDT 2010

> I'll note that most of the behavior you describe here is deeply
> rooted in the RFC's.  The concepts of zone transfers for instance
> are not unique to BIND, but rather in the definition of how
> interoperable DNS is supposed to work.
> That said, there is clearly room for improvement, and in fact there
> are a lot of folks working on it.  Indeed, some of them have funding
> BIND 10, a ground-up rewrite of BIND that I think based on the tone
> of your message may please you with the direction that it is going.
> For more information...
> http://www.isc.org/bind10
> http://bind10.isc.org/
the documentation has some very glaring omissions like the structure of 
the sqlite3 zone files.


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