David Freedman david.freedman at uk.clara.net
Tue Nov 2 12:49:55 CDT 2010

Sven Olaf Kamphuis wrote:
> would be interested in anybody other
> than IRC operators who feel they still require forward and reverse DNS
> to match,
> SMTP, email-2 (don't ask ;), and preferably (though not required)
> anything that has to do with /bin/login on *nix systems (as it shows the
> reverse dns host name in who and w and last unless specified otherwise).

Well, at least with DNSSEC, you can assure the end user that the
wildcarding was intentional (through validation), I dont see why those
systems shouldn't be acceptant of intentionally obscured hosts in the
future ?

Saying that, I quite like the idea of dynamically providing a response
to both AAAA and PTR queries but question how safe it would be to cache
these without a robust resource-managing implementation...



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