Ethernet performance tests

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EXFO also sells the BRIX SLA verifier, which calculates RTT, packet
loss, and jitter for various applications running on top of the link

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We dispatch a technician to an end-site and perform tests either
head->head with another test set, or to a loop at a far-end..

We do ITU-T Y.156sam/EtherSAM and/or RFC2544 tests depending on the
customer requirements. (some customers require certain tests for x
^--All of our technicians are equipped with those EXFO sets and that
module. Also covers SONET/DS1/DS3 testing as well in a single easy(er)
to carry set..


On Wed, Oct 27, 2010 at 6:32 PM, Diogo Montagner
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> Hello everyone,
> I am looking for performance test methodology for ethernet-based
> circuits. These ethernet circuits can be: dark-fiber, l2circuit
> (martini), l2vpn (kompella), vpls or ng-vpls. Sometimes, the ethernet
> circuit can be a mix of these technologies, like below:
> CPE <-> metro-e <-> l2circuit <-> l2vpn <-> l2circuit <-> metro-e <->
> The goal is verify the performance end-to-end.
> I am looking for tools that can check at least the following
> - loss
> - latency
> - jitter
> - bandwidth
> - out-of-order delivery
> At this moment I have been used IPerf to achieve these results. But I
> would like to check if there is some test devices that can be used in
> situations like that to verify the ethernet-based circuit performance.
> The objective of these tests is to verify the signed SLAs of each
> circuit before the customer start to use it.
> I checked all MEF specifications and I only find something related to
> performance for Circuit Emulation over Metro-E (which is not my case).
> Appreciate your comments.
> Thanks!
> ./diogo -montagner

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