Failover IPv6 with multiple PA prefixes (Was: IPv6 fc00::/7 - Unique local addresses)

Christopher Morrow morrowc.lists at
Mon Nov 1 11:27:44 CDT 2010

oops, I clipped a little too much from the message before replying...

On Mon, Nov 1, 2010 at 5:28 AM, Mark Smith
<nanog at> wrote:
> Permanent connectivity to the global IPv6 Internet, while common,
> should not be essential to being able to run IPv6, and neither should
> PI. All you should need to run IPv6 reliably is stable internal
> addressing. Global connectivity should be optional, and possibly only
> occasional.

I think there are many cases where a 'disconnected' network will want
ipv6, I do NOT believe they should use ULA space except in the most
extreme cases. It makes more sense to just get these folks a GUA
allocation of their proper size, support their DNS and registry needs.

I agree that global connectivity should be optional... I've worked on
more than one network that had better never see the light of day, and
will most likely need (or already has?) ipv6 deployments in the coming


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