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Fri May 28 13:12:56 UTC 2010

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From: Brielle Bruns <bruns at>

> See the response I just posted, but in all likely, he's being 
> hampered by the fact the handoff from the ONT is 100BT ethernet and 
> OpenRG (which bolts on top of a Linux OS and 'replaces' the 
> functionality of iptables and such).

I really meant a real Linux server (or desktop box loaded with CentOS, Deb,
ect) with some basic IPtables rules and dual NIC.  I never intended to use any
kind of appliance or router device loaded with 'brand x' Linux.  

A 100bT hand-off should have NO issues reaching ~98Mbps without packet loss;
just a little extra latency as you start filling buffers.

Since the first day our FiOS was installed, we switched out the cruddy Dlink
router (later swapped with Actiontec) with a Linux box running CentOS and a
simple iptables script.  I later added a Atheros-based wifi card with HostAP
and madwifi to create an AP from the same box.

Linux/Wifi is not for all of course, but the dual-nic and IPtables part pretty
much anyone can could just as easily hang a small wifi router off the


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