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Fri May 28 11:38:44 UTC 2010

On 27.05 07:10, Dorn Hetzel wrote:

Certainly no news for people on this list I would hope. ;-)

My objective when talking to reporters who write for the *business*
section is to project that mere awareness is not good enough anymore for
businesses; businesses need to have a plan.  For you all on this list
this should help the next time you talk to the suits who decide about
strategy and investments
... independently of which particular strategy you are going to recommend.

The non-technical press always simplifies and exaggerates; this is a
fact of life.  I am sure all of us evaluate news stories based on the
source.  It is fine if you say to the suits "this is exaggerated, let's
......", just make the right decision. ;-)   This reporter did a very 
reasonable job considering the space he has to operate in. 

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