FIOS Router

Chris Burwell cburwell at
Thu May 27 17:46:30 UTC 2010

Thanks for the information everyone!

Most I will spec out several solutions for them, but the preferred
solution will probably be a firewall just because most appliances will
do more routing then they would need. I was looking at the Sonicwall
NS series because it looks like they provide good throughput for the

Brielle: Thank you for the info about the Ethernet port on the ONT. I
will make sure to relay that information. At this point I believe they
would want to make their service stable and worry about maximum
bandwidth once that is done.

The router they have is the MI424WR, which is what I have for my home
service. I don't have many complaints about it at home, however it's
clear that it's not up to the task in the case of my client. They have
had the router replaced by Verizon 4 times in about as many months.

- Chris

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