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I've been using linux/iptables since day 1.  100Mbps is a walk in the park.

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> I'm doing some research for a group that has a 100Mb FIOS Internet
> connection at their site. I was surprised to learn that Verizon
> supplied them with the same Actiontec router that they provided me
> with on my 10Mb connection at home. Needless to say the Actiontec
> router is not up to the task of moving all of that traffic (they are
> using about 80Mb now and sometimes max out their connection). Verizon
> has been good about replacing the router multiple time when they
> finally fail, however  having to power-cycle the router multiple 
> times per day is not acceptable.
> What I would like to do is set them up with a router/firewall that is
> capable of handling their current bandwidth needs as well as their
> anticipated future growth. My concern is terminating the FIOS
> connection from the ONT directly to something like a Cisco 3900
> (Output from the ONT is CAT5 terminating to RJ-45). I have been
> searching around the Internet and found one discussion where someone
> claims to have been able to accomplish just this using a Cisco 871
> router. Based on the loose discussions that I have read it seems that
> the FIOS connection configuration can vary from area to area.
> I am also aware that we can configure the Actiontec router as a
> bridge, but I would much rather remove it altogether particularly 
> with the amount of traffic this group is moving.
> Has anyone been able to accomplish this or something similar with any
> hardware other then the router Verizon provides? Any insight on
> Verizon's official stance on this would be helpful. If there is
> someone from Verizon out there that can contact me about the 
> technical aspects of doing this, that would be much appreciated as well.
> - Chris
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