BT strike could affect internet and phone connections

Tim Franklin tim at
Thu May 27 15:48:09 UTC 2010

> Internet and phone connections across Britain could go into meltdown
> as BT workers threaten their first national strike for 23 years...
> ‘Many business and residential phonelines could go out of action, and
> if broadband crashes then thousands and thousands of people will find
> their internet goes down.’

I get a lovely vision from that of a real old-style manual switchboard
operator, frantically plugging internet connections together with patch
cords as each SYN packet rings a little bell.

Clearly BT engineers being on strike will stop broken things from
being fixed[0].  I'm very unclear how it will cause things that are
working today to suddenly "go into meltdown"...


[0] As a residential customer, it's arguable how much of a change this is.

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