Mikrotik BGP Question

Martin List-Petersen martin at airwire.ie
Tue May 25 15:37:44 UTC 2010

On 24/05/10 17:28, Allan Eising wrote:
> In some ways, I find the MikroTik RouterOS routing filter syntax a little 
> more powerful than Cisco's route-maps. As routing filters work the same 
> way as firewall filters, you can group rules in "chains" and reuse parts 
> of your filters in other filters by jumping to another chain. This could 
> be used, for instance, on a peering setup, where you have a number of 
> rules per peer but also some common filtering for all peers, or to handle 
> specific and generic filtering for your customers.
> I haven't yet found anything that I missed being able to with filters, at 
> least with BGP. With other routing protocols, it's another story.

It's different thinking for every router platform/os, really. On
Cisco/Quagga you can also reuse filtering rules by using peering-groups.

At the end of the day, everybody has to find their best medium.

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