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Thomas Magill tmagill at
Mon May 24 20:00:09 UTC 2010

Anyone using ASRs?  We are demoing one to possibly upgrade our 7206s.
We are seeing what looks like a memory leak on the RP.  Cisco is looking
at it and says they haven't seen it before.  I am wondering if anyone
else has run across this.  With the default 2G of memory the RP only had
about 1% free memory, and the router was rebooting every 5 days or so
when the RP ran out.  We upgraded and now have about 60% free on the RP,
but I still see the used memory incrementing at a pretty steady rate.
We are running IOS-XE 12.2(33)XNF.


The router is currently not even routing traffic, just acting as a BGP
peer so it has one set of full tables.  It seems to be a process on the
Linux OS side that has the leak as the IOS memory commands show
everything staying pretty static.


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