DWDM hardware recommendations

Raphael Maunier rmaunier at neotelecoms.com
Sun May 23 11:58:01 UTC 2010


We moved from MRV to Ekinops (http://www.ekinops.net/). Mrv was really stable ( no issue for the last 3 years), but they are slow in innovation. The new cards just came out.
For a simple and cheap solution, I will benchmark, Mrv, Ekinops and BTI. The most innovative and with easy R&D access is Ekinops ( we got special version of a code for a card)

You can also contact Transmode but they are slow in response and we clearly don't understand their strategy with multiples card and multiples series. I worked with a customer using transmode, for a simple ring solution, he have 4 type of connectors !!! :)

Raphaël Maunier
CTO / Responsable Ingénierie

On May 22, 2010, at 5:52 PM, ML wrote:

> I'm in the process of researching DWDM equipment for a new ring I'm
> about to light.  Only two dark fibers to start.  My only experience with
> WDM is a ring lit with MRV CWDM equipment by another provider.  The MRV
> equipment hasn't failed once in the years I've had the service.
> Good/bad/ugly thoughts on MRV?
> What I'm looking for is the ability to drop 10G and 1G channels on the
> same ring.  Upgradability to 40G channels is a plus.  I haven't been
> told I should plan for OC-n but it would nice if I had the option.
> Does anyone have a recommendation that might fit these requirements?
> Thanks

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