Mikrotik BGP Question

Lorell Hathcock lorell at hathcock.org
Sat May 22 21:55:57 UTC 2010

We are putting a private PTP metro ethernet (fiber based) link between the
two locations.  And both locations will have one internet connection.

I am reading that Mikrotik has a memory leak in its BGP implementation.  Any
more info about this?


Lorell Hathcock

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Dear Lorell,

> My question is about BGP on the Mikrotik platform.  The guy who I am
> supplanting swears that we are supposed to be bringing the second internet
> link to the same place as the first internet link for BGP to work
> Obviously that is not true with major brand routers which would do the BGP
> job just fine.  (And he's the same guy that has bridged this whole
> so it is easy to disbelieve his opinion.)  But maybe he knows that
> can't perform BGP in the same way that other routers can.
> So here's the question.  Is there something about running BGP on a
> platform that precludes having the internet connections come in at
> locations?

That depends on the netwoek in between this two locations.
There could be a lot of good reasons why this is no good idea; please 
bring some light into this.

Kind regards,
 	Ingo Flaschberger

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