Mikrotik BGP Question

Lorell Hathcock lorell at hathcock.org
Fri May 21 12:16:03 UTC 2010

I am inheriting a WISP network with Mikrotik equipment throughout.  One of
my first duties is to make the network multihomed.  We have our first
internet connection at one location and our second internet connection will
be delivered at a second location in a week or so.


I understand all of the steps I need to go through with ARIN in terms of
getting an ASN and so forth.  


My question is about BGP on the Mikrotik platform.  The guy who I am
supplanting swears that we are supposed to be bringing the second internet
link to the same place as the first internet link for BGP to work properly.
Obviously that is not true with major brand routers which would do the BGP
job just fine.  (And he's the same guy that has bridged this whole network,
so it is easy to disbelieve his opinion.)  But maybe he knows that Mikrotik
can't perform BGP in the same way that other routers can.


So here's the question.  Is there something about running BGP on a Mikrotik
platform that precludes having the internet connections come in at different





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