Partial Use Of one Regions IP Block in another

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Fri May 21 04:21:51 UTC 2010

On May 20, 2010, at 9:13 PM, John Lee wrote:

> Some pseudo random thoughts and questions? (my BGP is rusty.)
> 1. Does it violate your AUP with APNIC?
Not if he has infrastructure in the remote location and infrastructure and/or HQ in APNIC region.

> 2. If the larger routing prefix is from APNIC will your upstream in the EMEA region filter or black hole the sub prefix since it is from APNIC and not RIPE and would appear to be a hijacked block? (In my experience in some European countries "rules" are more strictly enforced than in other areas of the globe. I will spare you the American, Russian and French standards organization joke.)
LoL... In my experience, the guys that are getting money from you will route what you want routed
unless they have reason to believe you are not legitimately entitled to route it.

> 3. It would appear that again since it is in an APNIC sub-prefix would you need to "carry" the packets from a PoP in APNIC region to your facility in the EMEA assuming the sub prefix is not large enough to be propagated in normal BPG updates?
If that is true, yes. i was assuming that he was using a sub-prefix length <=/24 for EMEA region. If he's trying to run a /25 or longer, then, life will indeed suck, but, not because of the RIR issues, because of the long-prefix problem.

> 4. And if the bits did get through for a period of time would the transit provider determine that they did not want to carry them any more and add filtering at any random point in time?
Unlikely if it's a legitimate route.  It wouldn't appear any less legitimate than any other route and there are many inter-regional routes advertised just like this already that work just fine.

> These questions assume that you do not have a single transit provider that covers both of your locations in the two different regions and can "custom route" the packets.


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> Subject: Partial Use Of one Regions IP Block in another
> Hi folks,
> Are there any policies set by internet registries and/or transit
> providers today that prohibits organizations from using a Partially
> used IP Block allocated in one region say AP through APNIC to be
> comissioned and Propagated in another region such as EMEA serviced by
> RIPE?.
> Obv, the best approach would be to acquire a new Block in the 2nd
> region through its own registry, but sometimes due to strict
> prvisioning timelines, legal delays in getting the necessary approvals
> involved etc make this option less attractive. From an IPV4 space
> depletion perspective as well, it might be feasible if organizations
> having a large block in one region could split it amongst multiple
> regions to prevent Wastage.
> Any thoughts/expereinces and feedback would be appreciated.
> Regards,
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