Off-Topic: use laptop only as USB power supply

Paul Timmins paul at
Fri May 21 00:52:52 UTC 2010

I think the last dell business notebook I had my hands on has a bios 
setting that enables usb power when the laptop is off and plugged into 
the AC adapter.

It's not on by default.

If you have one, you may want to check.


Matthias Flittner wrote:
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> Hi there,
> I'm not sure if anyone out there has an answer to this insane question:
> But is it possible to use my laptop only has power supply via usb for my
> mobile phone. Yes you heard right: I don't want to boot an operating
> system I only want to charge my battery of my mobile phone. No fan should
> be powered on. I only need voltage on the USB ports.
> Any suggestions? ;)
> best regards,
> FliTTi
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