Partial Use Of one Regions IP Block in another

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Thu May 20 12:56:25 UTC 2010

  From my experience with the provider I have, when I try to acquire
IP space to let's say on the RIPE side (Im on the LACNIC side) for
reasons like greater visibility (some how). I believe that RIPE
requires me to have a company registered on the EMEA side or have my
provider place it for me. but i guess when i disengage with that
provider, I may need to give back the IP space they have provided me.

On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 6:06 AM, Net <funkyfun at> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Are there any policies set by internet registries and/or transit
> providers today that prohibits organizations from using a Partially
> used IP Block allocated in one region say AP through APNIC to be
> comissioned and Propagated in another region such as EMEA serviced by
> RIPE?.
> Obv, the best approach would be to acquire a new Block in the 2nd
> region through its own registry, but sometimes due to strict
> prvisioning timelines, legal delays in getting the necessary approvals
> involved etc make this option less attractive. From an IPV4 space
> depletion perspective as well, it might be feasible if organizations
> having a large block in one region could split it amongst multiple
> regions to prevent Wastage.
> Any thoughts/expereinces and feedback would be appreciated.
> Regards,
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