Stand alone voltage/etc monitoring?

Michael J McCafferty mike at
Sat May 15 00:57:22 UTC 2010

	How can I best monitor power quality (ie: voltage, etc) as a colo
customer? We monitor temperature and humidity in multiple places on each
floor we are on, network bandwidth/errors/latency/pps/link-state on
every link, power used per circuit, tons of metrics on servers, but I
can't seem to find a simple and small way to monitor voltage, etc. I
looked in the routers, cabinet-level switched power-strips (CDUs),
switches, and servers, and I don't see anything we already have that can
report that info. I see there are probably some small UPSes ($400 or so)
that can report this info. Seems silly to buy UPSes to get that info.

	Is there a quick/small/handy/better way to get power quality info? If
so, what is it? I don't own the facility.


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