BGP and convergence time

shake righa ssrigha at
Fri May 14 12:46:17 UTC 2010

Believe have narrowed down problem to layer 2.

A ping to address shows no reply.

Believe problme to do with blocking of multicast


On Fri, May 14, 2010 at 5:28 AM, Frank Bulk <frnkblk at> wrote:

> What about IP SLA with some EEM?  This link may give you some ideas:
> Frank
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> From: Jay Nakamura [mailto:zeusdadog at]
> Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2010 1:35 PM
> Subject: BGP and convergence time
> So, we have two upstreams, both coming in on Ethernet.  One of our
> switch crashed and rebooted itself.  Although we have other paths to
> egress out the network, because the router's Ethernet interface didn't
> go down, our router's BGP didn't realize the neighbor was down until
> default BGP timeout was reached.  Our upstream connectivity was out
> for couple minutes.
> I am looking for ways to detect neighbor being down faster so traffic
> can be re-routed faster.  I can do BFD internally but the issue is how
> the upstream is going to detect the outage and stop routing our
> traffic to that downed link.  I have asked both of my upstreams and
> one said they don't do anything like that, second upstream I am still
> waiting on the answer.
> My question is, do other carriers do BFD or any other means to detect
> the neighbor being down faster than normal BGP will allow?  (Both
> upstreams are major telcos [AT&T and Qwest], so I think they are less
> flexible than some others.)
> Or, has anyone succeeded in getting something done with those two carriers?
> Thanks!

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