CIDR blocks, by country

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Wed May 12 16:34:03 UTC 2010 publishes files that can be used in some form of an RBL that covers most of this as well.  I use this for a geolocated DNS system and it works well.  I have actually manually referenced this to find where a specific block is from. 

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On Wed May 12 2010 11:09, Michael Holstein wrote:
> I am aware of sites that list all the netblocks associated with China 
> (for example) .. is there any place that publishes an updated list of 
> what netblocks are used by what countries? (all of them) .. CIDR 
> format would be ideal.
> If it matters, I'm specifically interested APNIC and AFRNIC.
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> Michael Holstein
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Since went away, the only other one I have found semi-reliable is Country IP Blocks at

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