Securing the BGP or controlling it?

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I've worked for a couple of very large providers.  I can't speak for what the do they do today but both where very serious about proper filtering.  I only hope they both still do it.

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On Mon, 10 May 2010, Thomas Magill wrote:

> All of the major providers I have worked with have required proof of 
> 'ownership' of address space or an LoA from the registered holder of 
> that space before they would allow advertisements from me, which are 
> then filtered.  Is this not the norm?  I can understand if they are 
> talking about an operator making a mistake, but the article seems to 
> imply that anyone running BGP can bring down the Internet...  I think 
> any competent provider can easily eliminate this threat from customers. 
> Are there any types of penalties if an ISP is found to not be taking 
> adequate precautions, other than the possible threat of losing business?

ROTFLMAO.   Competent provider?  Penalties?  Threats?  You made my day.


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