BGP (in)security makes the AP wire

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Sun May 9 16:30:47 UTC 2010

On Sun, May 09, 2010 at 10:54:46AM -0500, Larry Sheldon wrote:

> And when I drive someplace, I do indeed go by the signs I see, which are
> not erected by a central authority, as I move along.  (I don't have a
> route from here to Fairbanks, Alaska, but my MCA shows one from here to
> Council Bluffs, Iowa, and from there there are several I might use,
> depending on what signs I see ("Warning, I29 N closed at Mondamin due to
> flooding") when I get there.)

Speaking about that, is anyone currently seeing geographic (local-knowledge)
routing and authorityless address (=position) allocation from coordinates 
(e.g. WGS 84 position fixes) in any realistic time frame as a major component 
on the Internet?

Presumably, one could prototype something simple and cheap at L2 level 
with WGS 84->MAC (about ~m^2 resolution), custom switch firmware and GBIC 
for longish (1-70 km) distances, but without a mesh it won't work.
> I'm sorry, but I am very afraid of "Central Authority".

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