any "bring your own bandwidth" IPv4 over IPv4 tunnel merchants?

William Pitcock nenolod at
Mon May 3 21:46:34 UTC 2010

On Mon, 2010-05-03 at 14:12 -0400, Bill Bogstad wrote:
> Like many people, I can't justify the expense of "commercial" IP
> connectivity for my residence.  As a result, I deal with dynamic IP
> addresses; dns issues; and limitations on the services that I can host
> at my residence.  It just struck me that in the same way that
> IPv6 connectivity can be done via tunneling over IPv4 (Hurricane
> Electric, etc.), that static IPv4 addressability could be offered in a
> similar fashion.
> Some my question is:
> Does anyone offer (probably bandwidth restricted) IPv4 over IPv4
> tunneling (with static IPs) commercially?
> I realize that making use of such a service MIGHT violate Terms of
> Service agreements, but that is going to vary from provider to
> provider and doesn't make offering such a service inherently wrong.
> Other possible reasons such services might be desired include wanting
> access to Internet services which are regionally restricted.  (Again
> TOS violation possibilities MAY or MAY NOT apply.)
> In the (very?) long term, IPv4 over IPv6 tunneling could end up being
> one way that organizations can get IPv4 connectivity when the default
> changes from only-IPv4 to only-IPv6.  (Yeah, I know that day may never
> come...)
> Thanks,
> Bill Bogstad

You could do this with a VPS.  Make sure they run Xen or KVM or VMware
though, so you have control over the routing table.


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