Surcharge for providing Internet routes?

Bill Stewart nonobvious at
Mon May 3 21:34:23 UTC 2010

Back when I was on that side of the house, if you bought transit from
7018 and were managing your own routers, you got your choice of BGP or
static, and BGP could have full routes, our-customer routes, default
routes, and maybe some other variants.  No charge for any of those
options, but if you wanted full routes you'd need a hefty enough
router, and if you thought you wanted full routes on your T1 line we'd
offer you some hints about that not being a good idea.   Other than
that, full routes burned a bit of extra bandwidth, so if you had
usage-based pricing that might have some minor effects.

(If we were managing your routers, you usually weren't in the
dual-homing business, or at least we'd be charging you more for a
fatter router and managing the extra complexity of whatever you needed
done locally, but all of that was just router management pricing, not
network pricing.)

             Thanks;     Bill

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