any "bring your own bandwidth" IPv4 over IPv4 tunnel merchants?

Bill Bogstad bogstad at
Mon May 3 18:12:45 UTC 2010

Like many people, I can't justify the expense of "commercial" IP
connectivity for my residence.  As a result, I deal with dynamic IP
addresses; dns issues; and limitations on the services that I can host
at my residence.  It just struck me that in the same way that
IPv6 connectivity can be done via tunneling over IPv4 (Hurricane
Electric, etc.), that static IPv4 addressability could be offered in a
similar fashion.

Some my question is:

Does anyone offer (probably bandwidth restricted) IPv4 over IPv4
tunneling (with static IPs) commercially?

I realize that making use of such a service MIGHT violate Terms of
Service agreements, but that is going to vary from provider to
provider and doesn't make offering such a service inherently wrong.
Other possible reasons such services might be desired include wanting
access to Internet services which are regionally restricted.  (Again
TOS violation possibilities MAY or MAY NOT apply.)

In the (very?) long term, IPv4 over IPv6 tunneling could end up being
one way that organizations can get IPv4 connectivity when the default
changes from only-IPv4 to only-IPv6.  (Yeah, I know that day may never

Bill Bogstad

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