Surcharge for providing Internet routes?

Dorian Kim dorian at
Mon May 3 04:27:42 UTC 2010

On Sun, May 02, 2010 at 08:27:56PM -0700, Matthew Petach wrote:
> In Asia, there is a popular, but incorrectly named product offering
> that many ISPs sell called "domestic transit" which they sell
> for price $X; for "full routes" you often pay $2X-$3X.  I grind my
> teeth every time I hear it, since "transit" doesn't mean "to select
> parts of the internet" in most people's eyes.  It's really a paid
> peering offering, but no matter how much I try to correct people,
> the habit of calling it "domestic transit" still persists.  :(

I don't think there is a universally agreed upon definition of what 
transit means other than it involves someone paying someone else.

Just to clarify, there are both domestic transit and country specific 
paid peering products out there in Asia/Pacific region.

I have no idea what the sales people call each in different
countries, but domestic transit is not a misnomer as the ISP
selling you this will be providing reacheability to their 
country specific customer base AND reacheability to their
country specific peers.


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