Surcharge for providing Internet routes?

Matthew S. Crocker matthew at
Sun May 2 01:28:54 UTC 2010

We provide full tables to customers that ask, 99% of the time they don't know what they are asking for and don't really need it.  full tables doesn't cost anything more but we only do it for our 100+meg customers. I don't for example do BGP with T1 level customers.


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> >> Has anyone here heard of or do they themselves charge extra for
> >> providing a complete internet table to customers?
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> > ... I've never heard of it, but iow, I'd pay more if I could get my
> > upstreams to provide the full table...
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> > Is there a market? I doubt it.
> Every "upstream" I've dealt with in the US & western Europe provides a
> full table if you ask.  Kinda the point of being an "upstream".
> There are some countries where "Bee-Gee-Pee" is not understood, and
> they therefore do not speak it.
> If you buy transit from someone and they charge for setting up BGP and
> sending you a full table in the US, Canada, and most of Europe, I'd
> find another provider.  That one probably isn't clueful enough to
> provide good service.
> In other parts of the planet, well, they probably still aren't clueful
> enough. :)  But when the game is fixed, if it's the only game in town,
> you sometimes have to play anyway.
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