New Linksys CPE, IPv6 ?

jim deleskie deleskie at
Wed Mar 31 20:14:28 CDT 2010

I'm a real life user, I know the difference and I could careless about
v6.  most anything I want I is on v4 and will still be there long
after ( when ever it is) we run out of v4 addresses.  If I'm on a
content provider and I'm putting something new online I want everyone
to see, they will find  away for all of us with v4 and credit cards to
see it, and not be so worried about developing countries or the sub 5%
of people in developed countries for now.  I'm sure @ some point v6
will see the business need, but while I'm expect to have to deploy it
for marketing reasons, I hope its someone else's problem but its a
must have for real business.

On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 10:05 PM, Ricky Beam <jfbeam at> wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 8:16 PM, Michael Dillon
> <wavetossed at> wrote:
>> I did not fat finger anything. In the real world, nearly 100% of consumers
>> demand IPv6 from their ISP. ...
> Hah.  No.  No they don't.  They want, as you point out, "access to the
> internet", which they are currently getting JUST FINE.  And this will
> continue to be the case for a LONG TIME.
>> ISPs who don't have IPv6 will soon be unable to provide access to all
>> Internet sites, as content providers begin to bring IPv6 sites onstream.
> I've been hearing this BS for over a decade, and yet I've not heard a
> single complaint or run into a single site I could not access for lack
> of IPv6.  Yes, there are IPv6 only sites, but I don't use them, nor do
> any of the people I know.  What little IPv6 I have used I have had to
> go out of my way to *intentionally* use IPv6 over v4.
> Until there are common sites that are only accessible via IPv6 -- thus
> unavailable to "unevolved" ISP customers, ISP won't be investing
> anything in IPv6 deployment.  That's not to say ISPs aren't
> experimenting with it -- some are, simply that they are not putting
> any heavy engineering resources behind it.
>> The approaching time...
> Right now, that snail is on the other side of the world -- almost
> literally.  Unless someone glues a rocket to it's shell, it won't even
> be on the horizon for years.  If it were up to me, you, or the rest of
> the list, we'd rather simply get the mess over and switch everything
> tomorrow.  *heh* But that ain't gonna happen. (I still have gear in
> use that only does IPX.  thankfully, I've escaped Appletalk, but IPX
> is still clinging to life.)
> --Ricky

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