Posting from freebie E-mail Accounts

Leigh Porter leigh.porter at
Wed Mar 31 11:14:52 CDT 2010

Until somebody does 'view headers' and sees

and oh look, it was sent from 'foobarco' ;-)



On 31/03/10 16:55, Richey wrote:
> My employer has an unwritten policy that says we're free to post what we
> want where we want as long as we do not make it obvious who our employer is.
> I.E. don't post from the company email accounts.   I use both personal
> domains and freebie accounts to comply with this request.
> Richey
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> On Tue, 30 Mar 2010, Seth Mattinen wrote:
>> That's an exact opposite of silly from the OP's request; my "corporate
>> account" works just fine.
> Well, your corporate account seems to involve less silly (exchange/lotus
> notes) than most.

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