ARIN negotiation?

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Fri Mar 26 16:56:36 CDT 2010

On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 5:45 PM, Jeremy Charles <JCharles at> wrote:
> Has anyone here had their legal department balk at the legal
> agreement that ARIN wants you to sign when you get things
> like an AS number or an IP block?


> Any luck in negotiating with ARIN?


> The agreement has language at the top saying that ARIN
> doesn't accept modifications, but our legal team is
> questioning whether that means it really is non-negotiable.

It does.

> They're not exactly fans of it as it is written.
> (I probably can't share what my legal counsel is
> saying to me about the agreement, but it's
> probably not relevant to the question anyway...)

I can't imagine why anyone would balk at a contract where the "seller"
more or less says, "You agree that all your base are belong to us."

Suck it up; for better or for worse, that's how the game is played.
The good news is that you can hop on ARIN PPML and have a respectably
strong say in what rules get written.

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