"Is TDM going the way of dial-up?"

Michael Thomas mike at mtcc.com
Fri Mar 26 10:32:08 CDT 2010

On 03/26/2010 08:26 AM, Steve Meuse wrote:
> Rick Ernst expunged (nanog at shreddedmail.com):
>> I'm wondering if others are seeing the same behavior, if it's
>> market-dependant, or if I'm just imagining things.  I'm working on building
>> new infrastructure and my current thoughts are to minimize my TDM
>> footprint.  It would be useful to get a better feel if this is an overall
>> trend or something local.
> You aren't imagining things. In fact, some large national networks have been designed to support solely ethernet. It comes down to cost, as always....

Speaking of which, what is the state of voip-over-cellular as essentially the
last holdout of TDM? Will the new 4G stuff be able to support latencies, etc?
Has the work on handovers-over-IP matured enough that it's viable?


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