IPv4 ANYCAST setup

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Fri Mar 26 08:24:21 CDT 2010

InterNetX - Lutz Muehlig wrote:
> Hello,
> has someone experience in anycast ipv4 networks (to support DNS)?

"Never been done" "Dangerous" "TCP does not work" etc etc etc.

I assume quite a number of people know how to do it, especially as
several root DNS servers abuse it.

Simple recipe:
 - Box with:
   - Your favourite OS
   - Quagga or OpenBGPd
   - Your favourite DNS server
 - Announce the IP of the anycast node in BGP
 - Monitor the DNS server, when it does not work kill your local BGPd
   and notify the admins that it broke

That is it. Probably with the above couple of things, google a bit and
find the rest.


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