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For the Juniper box, make sure you are running the 6.5R3 version of code to get the MAC to work.  They put a fix in for it.  It is working well for us here.

I have no experience with either F5 or Barracuda, but we have found the Juniper SSL to be extremely reliable and flexible to suit all of our needs.  We have several 2500's deployed.


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Hello All,

Thank-you all for reply and sugessting the VPN Box.

I'm in the process of evaluating different boxes and they are;

SA4500 SSL VPN Appliance

Barracuda SSL VPN


FirePass SSL VPN

The problem i'm facing so far is MAC OS X compatibility. The demo box i had for Juniper was not able to run Network Connect on MAC OS 10.5.8.

From your experience from F5, Juniper and Barracuda, which one will be best in terms of;

1) Support
2) Resiliency 
3) Security
4) Scalability
5) Manageability

Thanks for all your help.

Dawood Iqbal
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