anti-ddos test solutions ?

Guillaume FORTAINE gfortaine at
Wed Mar 17 08:01:45 CDT 2010

Dear jul,

I would advise Breaking Point :

-News :


-Documentation :

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Guillaume FORTAINE

On 03/17/2010 07:45 AM, jul wrote:
>  Hello nanogers,
>  Following the multiple thread on ddos attack, I was asking myself how
>  someone could test chosen solutions.
>  In most cases, you can't load your Internet access in the same way
>  attackers will (does someone have a botners with ten thousands computers
>  or more :) ?)
>  But a solution to test basic attack (synflood, slowloris, socktress,
>  ...) with 10 to hundred computers would be interesting, so not a tool
>  but more a service.
>  Found only Parabon [1] on Google
>  Does someone know something similar ?
>  Thanks
>  Best regards,
>  		Jul
>  Note: Please, don't forget this kind of public tests have some serious
>  legal impact and you need to have an agreement with your ISP/operators
>  to do it in most countries.
>  Note2: Google has a lot of answers. Most of them are about tool and
>  methodology, so not sure for a live test. I'm not looking for a lab
>  solution but real one with business acceptation (and a wise choice on
>  the hours of the test so front-end can be switch to "maintenance mode")
>  [1] New grid service simulates DDoS attacks, May 2009

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