Network Naming Conventions

Joel Esler joel.esler at
Mon Mar 15 09:05:52 CDT 2010

Being in the IDS business mostly involved with Snort, I've given my sensors "pig names" in the past.

Wilbur, Arnold, Lechoncito....

On Mar 15, 2010, at 9:57 AM, Andrew D Kirch wrote:

> Nice, I've used mountains (Denali, Everest, Olympus, etc) in the past to
> name systems.  Used profanity for awhile to name machines, there's
> really quite a bit of it, and every language has it's own set, giving a
> large pool to choose from.  Sadly, when outages occurred, it was
> somewhat difficult to determine which machines were down, and this was
> discarded.
> Andrew
> Greg Whynott wrote:
>> We use confidence inspiring names here for our devices,  shakey,  broken,  jitter,  crusty....  
>> G

Joel Esler

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