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On 3/13/2010 10:47, Paul Stewart wrote:
> Hi Folks...
> With many changes going on this year in our network, I figured it's a
> good time to revisit our naming conventions used in our networks.

I favor using CLLI code (well fake ones)

TAMQFLTART1 is in the city of tampa (TAMQ) in FLorida at building TA, and RT1
is the first router there.

This is nice as we know the location of the router, and building it's in from
the host name.  The host name is always 11 characters long, making it easy to
filter/work with in logs.  Now I alias the name in DNS so we can type "telnet
tampa" and it will just be a CNAME pointing to which
is the loopback address.

Interfaces are in DNS as well, and I make use of TXT records to store info on
the hosts (mostly a contact number and a url to an internal wiki.)

Below is an exerpt from a network policy I wrote about this:
All network elements shall be named following CLLI code format.  In most cases
they will not be registered CLLI codes in CLONES.
The format of a CLLI code is as follows
C – city location
S – State postal code
T – Street or differentiator
E – Equipment Identifier

In the event the equipment is being installed at a site with a registered CLLI
site code (first 8 characters) this shall be used as the prefix.  If not a
company unique code will be used for the site CLLI.
The equipment shall be identified using the following codes:

RT[0-9] – router number n, with n starting at 0. If more than 10 routers at a
site, the code will change to RU[0-9], then RV[0-9], and so on.
SW[0-9] – Switch starting at 0 following the same progression as the router.
P[00-99] – Servers at a location
M[00-99] – Mux at a location
R[00-99] – Radios
TS[00-99] – terminal server (serial or other)
VP[0-9] – VPN router or security appliance
FW[0-9] – Firewall or packet filter

I also tend to add funny names as CNAMES that are not published.  Got to have
some as the network designer after all ;-)
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