YouTube AS36561 began announcing

Joel Jaeggli joelja at
Fri Mar 12 18:27:59 CST 2010

On 03/12/2010 01:20 PM, Axel Morawietz wrote:
> Am 12.03.2010 17:03, schrieb Nathan:
>> [...] Its
>> amazing how prolific 1.x traffic is.
> one reason might also be, that at least T-Mobile Germany uses 1.2.3.*
> for their proxies that deliver the content to mobile phones.
> And I'm not sure what they are doing when they are going to receive this
> route from external. ;)

The same that they're going to do for all  the other unassigned /8s
they're squatting on internally renumber, or blackhole them. every day I
check my phone and as long as I'm in the bay area it's in 14/8.

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