FCC releases Internet speed test tool

Robert Mathews (OSIA) mathews at hawaii.edu
Fri Mar 12 09:32:15 CST 2010

Joe Greco wrote:
> Correction: it _requires_ Java. It _asks_ for your address. It seems
> like it'd work fine if you gave it your neighbor's address. :-)
> I noted that I got wildly varying numbers on a laptop and an iPhone (there
> is also an iPhone app) and the iPhone app doesn't ask for an address. Both
> on the same wifi, and the numbers were off by a lot.
> ... JG

INSTEAD of using the FCC provided app, one 'could' always use OOKLA and
M-LAB directly.
The following links may prove to be more helpful to some.

http://demo.ookla.com/linequality/    *and *
http://npad.iupui.lax01.measurement-lab.org:8000/   (Choose the closest
orig/term point to you from:
http://www.measurementlab.net/measurement-lab-tools#npad )

Both sites present varying granularity..  It goes without saying that
one should NOT send one's mother/grandmother to the NPAD site.  Pete
(Peter Löthberg) being the exception here.....  O:-)


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