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Tom Vest tvest at eyeconomics.com
Thu Mar 11 06:12:00 CST 2010

On Mar 11, 2010, at 5:08 AM, Randy Bush wrote:

>> I'm sorry, but some people are spending too much time denying
>> history. IPv6 has been largely ready for YEARS. Less than five years ago
>> a lot of engineers were declaring IPv6 dead and telling people that
>> double and triple NAT was the way of the future. It's only been over the
>> past two years that a clear majority of the networks seemed to agree
>> that IPv6 was the way out of the mess. (I know some are still in
>> denial.) 
> http://www.hactrn.net/sra/vorlons
> a decade old, but still rings true
> randy

It's a nice essay, but the author seems to have overlooked the contingent fact that he's a member of a species that is actually supported by the ecosystem that he's writing about. The Sahara Desert is an ecosystem too, as is the surface of the moon.

Of course, the Internet is really only like an ecosystem in the way that Tokyo and Los Angeles and Lagos are individually like ecosystems. If you think you'd be indifferent to the question of which of these places you'd prefer to live in, and prefer your children to live in -- even knowing that there are no suburbs or country retreats to escape to, anywhere --  then I guess it really is just a philosophical question.


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