IPv6 enabled carriers?

Michael Hallgren m.hallgren at free.fr
Wed Mar 10 14:07:45 CST 2010

Le mercredi 10 mars 2010 à 11:18 -0800, Seth Mattinen a écrit :
> On 3/10/10 11:00 AM, Charles Mills wrote:
> > Does anyone have a list of carriers who are IPv6 capable today?
> > 
> > I would assume this would be rolled out in larger cities first but
> > anything outside of "testbed environments" and "trials" as in
> > Comcast's recent announcement seems to be all that is available.
> > 
> > I'm being tasked with coming up with an IPv6 migration plan for a data center.
> > 
> > Mostly interested in if ATT, Level3, GLBX, Saavis, Verizon Business
> > and Qwest are capable as those are the typical ones I deal with.
> > 
> Ones I have personal experience with:
> GLBX - yes
> SAVVIS - no
> VZB - yes, good luck
> ATT - "Beginning in 1Q2010 MIS will provide the ability to support IPv6
> in a dual stack mode."
> When I disconnected my SAVVIS circuit in November 2009 I explicitly told
> them IPv6 was a deciding factor. Not all of Verizon's pops are IPv6
> enabled, which may cause you trouble ordering it. It's put me in month
> 11 of trying to turn up a dual-stack circuit because they refuse to read
> the order and keep putting it in Sacramento (v4 only) when it needs to
> go to San Jose (dual-stack). Sprint wasn't on your list, but they are
> rolling out native IPv6 support on all of 1239. I've been using their
> 6175 testbed since 2005.

+ Tata AS6453, production network since quite some time now, dual stack.


> ~Seth

michael hallgren, mh2198-ripe
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