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Tue Mar 9 14:57:28 CST 2010

I've done some recent testing and while the BGP download time isn't blazing fast, it can load 400k routes and propagate them to 20 other peers in a few minutes.  Certainly not 2 hours. :)   I've also done quite a bit of interop testing with the other main vendors as well and have yet to run into anything major.  


On Mar 9, 2010, at 1:03 PM, piotr sawicki wrote:

>> The worst thing in it was bgp proto .. Router was unable to withstand 20+ peering sessions , most of that outgoing bgp session to customers , a few peerings , and only 1v2 incoming upstream providers
>> When there was instability/surge in bgp updates , router was able to break itself tcp sess. Dwnld bgp table (150,000prefix) took 2h or more ...
>> Things done in hardware should be working although ( bridge .. , maybe label switching , vpls )  Tech support is very weak. Expect problems with interoperability .
>> Sorry to say that  .   It was 3+ years time ago , maybe they improved themself .. :)
> Hi,
> I must say we had very old timos 2.0R17 , as you now use 8.0 I guess ..
> As most of my complains is against software , this may be improved - i hope it is :)
> Hardware is solid,  'hard to kill'
> Sorry for a bit preliminary assumptions about 7750SR platform .
> // regards PiotrSawicki.

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