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Tue Mar 9 14:41:07 CST 2010

> Wow what?
> Is there anything in the CRS-3 that competitors are not shipping _today_?
> If you look at some startups, they are doing 4-5 times as many Gbps per
> and pre-release equipment is in use in some networks already.
> The only "wow" here is "wow, why did cisco hype how far behind they are?"

It's called doing the "wall street dance". Their stock price jumped 3%
yesterday in anticipation of the "big" announcement. Hype is hype, and
people still remember the magic of the dotcom bubble. "ZOMG! They increased
the size of the tubez! BUY! BUY!"

[full disclosure: I own stock in Cisco]

Tom Walsh
Express Web Systems, Inc.

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