IP4 Space

Florian Weimer fw at deneb.enyo.de
Sun Mar 7 08:45:37 CST 2010

* Thomas Magill:

> 1.        Why don't providers use /31 addresses for P2P links?  This
> works fine per rfc 3021 but nobody seems to believe it or use it.  Are
> there any major manufacturers out there that do not support it? 

Not all vendors support it, especially not over Ethernet.

> 2.       Longer than /24 prefixes in global BGP table.  The most obvious
> answer is that some hardware may not handle it...

I think the main problem today is update rate, not actual prefix

In any case, it seems rather unlikely that less aggregation brings
more IP addresses into play.  Smaller RIR allocations, perhaps, but
beyond the /24 barrier, you'll soon have better global connectivity
over IPv6.

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